Addressing Water Damage

In a recent Facebook post, we pointed out a number of the issues faced by owners of buildings that use split faced block.

Roughly half of our business involves repair services to buildings constructed between 1995 and 2009. Split faced block

damaged lintel membrane will allow water damage

Membranes matter.

is common in these structures; often it is improperly installed or maintained, missing membrane flashings or a contractor used defective flashings. Damage occurs fairly quickly and it can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

All masonry is porous, and so is split faced block. If it is not installed properly, damage can happen unseen and the block will still look fine from the outside. When you see a small amount of moisture, there is a lot more water where you can’t see it — and it’s probably not coming from anywhere you would expect.

dark vertical lines in light colored drywall

The dark vertical lines in this drywall indicate mold damage. Click on the photo to learn more.

We take a holistic approach to water damage, moving step-by-step to:

  • identify sources of damage
  • present you with a scope of work including materials and installation guidelines specified by manufacturers
  • guarantee results delivered on schedule and within budget
  • recommend maintenance and prevention plans.

Block may look fine from the outsideJust sealing the block will not solve the problem and will make it worse. We address the block, the flashings (at all entry points) and all the materials and systems that can impact the issue — and be impacted by it. We don’t just do masonry, or roofing, or windows. We do it all, and we will will show you the how and why. Call us for a fee, no-obligation evaluation.