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When you build with MLS, you are building more than a structure.

We have been working with customers Top to Bottom: Build with MLSall across the Chicago area since 2006 to maintain and improve their buildings. Whether you need roof work or if you want to update your building’s appearance, whether your needs are structural or cosmetic, we have the skills, the expertise, and the experience to meet your building needs and your budget.

We  partner with you to maintain your property right — saving you time and money over your building’s lifetime. Our customers come back to us over and over again and we value those relationships. See for yourself what they say.

Build With MLS

MLS has been respected in the Chicago area for many years. We have deep experience, and not just in all skilled building trades. In other words, we don’t just know roofing, or concrete, or interior renovation. We also understand your building’s structure, its walls and supports, the issues at work between different parts of the building, and all the materials. When you work with us, you are not just working with qualified contractors. You’re working with true experts.

Simple repair or a whole new roof: we are your partner

Build with MLSWe routinely handle projects of all scopes and sizes. Single home roof repairs and state-of-the-art factory building installations are all part of what we do, every day. So are paint touch-ups, rewiring, flooring, windows, and more. We also provide specialized water damage repair services. We do it all, and we do it with the knowledge and experience of everything involved, not just one isolated task. Put our expertise to work. Make the most of your property. And your investment.

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MLS has a zero-tolerance policy regarding drugs and alcohol at the worksite.