New Name, New Look: MLS at 10

Entering our tenth year, we’re very happy to debut our new name, MLS Construction & Roofing, Inc, and to unveil our new look!

MLS has been making our customers happy and safe, within their budgets, since 2006. Our new name reflects our concentration on building trades, including our specializations in roofing as well as in water damage repair services. Our motto, Build With MLS, reflects our goal in everything we do — not just to build structures or to fix properties, but to build relationships with our customers that are good for them, good for their buildings, and good for us. Just like a sound foundation is essential to a healthy building, our foundation is the trust our customers place in us.

We hope you will add your experiences to our Reviews page while you look over our new site. We will do our best to make this site a reliable source of information you can use, and we hope you will visit often.

Looking forward to many years ahead!