“these guys are great”

What’s a gal to do with 600 tiny sq ft that desperately need some TLC (and a far-from-unlimited budget!)? Matt, Tim and the rest of the MLS team came to the table with affordable, creative solutions and gave my condo the update it so badly needed. The key was to maximize the small space – which is exactly what they did. Closets were reconfigured (one was taken out completely, which opened up the entire floorplan); beautiful new tile was put in (kitchen & bathroom), tv was framed and mounted on an inset-wall, new kitchen and bathroom appliances and accessories (dishwasher, sink, stove, toilet, vanity, ceiling fan, decorative hardware, etc) installed, new counter-tops, and my FAVORITE part of the project- a sleek breakfast bar was built (via a high knee-wall) to separate the kitchen and main living space (it’s a perfect multi-functional area- to eat, work, relax with a book and some coffee, etc!). The final touch… head to toe (wall to wall I suppose!) fresh paint, including fractional accent wall/s! These guys are great and do fabulous work. I love my new condo!

Jenny Stetler McDuffee